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Sen Sen

Sen Sen confection, A breath taking refreshment. This old-time favorite will bring back great childhood memories. Get your box with 12 packs in each.

Soft Peppermint Sticks

Soft peppermint sticks that satisfies your craving for sweet, delicous candy, and refreshing your breath at the same time. This great product comes in a jar that contains 240 (assorted sizes) sticks.

Chocolate flavored sticks (cigarettes)

Chocolate flavored sticks (candy cigarettes) 24 packages of 10 chocolate sticks in each. INGREDIENTS:sugar,hardened vegetable oil, whey powder,vanillin-an artificial flavor.

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The World’s Top 10 Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

The rundown of the Top 10 Chocolate Bars you will experience Swiss, Belgian and French pioneers alongside current high-quality chocolatiers who improve by including fixings like bacon.

Chocolate Bars


The Tuscany-based brand Amedei has added to a $27,000 cupcake in Dubai, and furthermore a $1,000 sundae at New York’s Serendipity. Amedei moreover makes an assorted line of pralines, the filled chocolate bonbons that motivated her to begin another business regardless, and sensational bars, for instance, the Cru Madagascar Extra Dark Chocolate or Chuao Bar.


This line of chocolates began with an all-inclusive relationship. In the wake of showing up his triumphant pralines at the World Fair in Brussels in 1910, Greek-American Leonidas Kestekides went gaga for an area Belgian young woman and opened a coffeehouse in Ghent. Leonidas began offering chocolates from his retail veneer “guillotine window”.


It started when Italian chocolatier Valter Bovetti moved to Aubazine, France, in 1994 to show up his trademark chocolate sugary treats formed as nails and devices. In 2006, Bovetti and five related chocolate-makers went to Sao Tome, an African island in the Gulf of Guinea off the shore of Gabon called the “chocolate island,” which impelled them to set up a sensible trade alliance named Roca Cacao. They started conveying Bovetti


Valrhona, the Rolls Royce of chocolate, has been making couverture (chocolates with high cocoa content) since 1922. Hailing from France’s Rhône Valley, Valrhona’s wine country influence is unmistakable.

Michel Cluizel Chocolates:

In 1948, Michel Cluizel took control over his family’s cake business in Normandy, France, where pilgrims still hurried to take in the advantaged experiences of chocolate-generation at his “Chocolatrium.”Visitors to the European and American Chocolatriums are walked around the chocolate creation process and the chronicled setting of the Cluizel stamp.

Scharffen Berger:

John Scharffenberger, already a famed name in the wine world, picked in 1997 to endeavor his hand at brilliant chocolate-creation. The San Francisco team also became the first American bean-to-bar creator in 50 years.

Republica del Cacao:

The brand rose out as a push to defend the indigenous Arriba cacao plants grew dominatingly on family develops in the Manabí, Los Ríos and El Oro districts of Ecuador.The association has similarly fanned out into refreshments like hot cocoa, coffee, and chocolate and coffee improved blenders

Lindt and Sprungli:

The Swiss pioneers made prepared for future confectioners by making a segment of the world’s first chocolate sugary treats. A little while later, the association collaborated together with Swiss confectioner Rodolphe Lindt, the trend-setter of the conching machine system, which is up ’til now the establishment of chocolate-creation today.


Soma, which began in 2003, depicts itself as a place to “eat, drink, and love chocolate”. Visitors can experience their little pack chocolate-creation close at the scaled down scale mechanical office on the Toronto store’s premises. Bars are accessible in rectangle or circle outline. Soma’s Chocolate Possible Worlds bars come as 200-gram bigger than common plates.


Choco-bacon hotcake mix, truffles, and caramel toffees soon took subsequent to, putting the Chicago-build association as for the guide. The pioneer in test chocolate who arranged at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris merges our most cherished treat with curry for her Naga bar, and ginger, wasabi and dim sesame seeds for the Black Pearl Bar.

America’s 10 Favorite Chocolate


As indicated by SymphonyIRI Group, a Chicago statistical surveying firm, individuals in the United States spent more than $7 billion for individual-sized chocolate pieces of candy, packs, and boxes in only one year.



M&Ms have been around since 1941 and have experienced a world war and carried all the way to space. Regardless of whether you’re youthful or old, wedded or single, this is presumably your most loved treat. The organization produced $406.7 million of every 2016, offering $417.7 million units.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups:

Harry Burnett Reese was a previous worker of Milton S. Hershey who split away to begin his own particular business. The item was a hit countrywide until the point that Hershey purchased the organization for $23.5 million. It’s still a hit all these decades later, creating $23.5 million out of 2016, from the offer of 366.2 million units.


Mars, who produce Snickers, call it the world’s most well-known chocolate bar, yet it’s the third in the US. Anyway, it’s a 1930 innovation named after the Mars family’s most loved horses, with 99 tons of peanuts used to make a rough 15 million Snickers every day. They created $386.2 million through the offer of 405.3 million of every 2016.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar:

Next on the rundown is Hershey himself. Displaying one of the most established candies in America, it was first made in 1900. Initially made so everybody could appreciate drain chocolate, they created $249 million through the offer of 264.6 million units per year.

Kit Kat:

Coming in as the main remote creation, the KitKat was launched in 1935, by the name Chocolate Crisp in Britain. The organization was purchased out by Nestle in 1988 and delivers more than 202.5 million units for more than 70 nations, barring the US, where it’s authorized to Hershey.

Oh, Henry!

This tremendous piece of fresh peanuts, velvet caramel, and fudge canvassed in chocolate has an intriguing story behind its name.

The story goes that in 1921, there was a kid who might come play with the young ladies who worked at the organization. They would tease him, calling out ‘Oh, Henry!’. The name got people’s interest and the bar is one of America’s most loved till today.

3 Musketeers:

This sweet was presented in 1932 and was made of three distinct bits of treat – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry (subsequently its name). It later discarded the vanilla and strawberry now takes pride in its reality fame name.

Milky Way:


This bar, produced using heavenly chocolate malt-seasoned nougat and caramel, at that point secured with drain chocolate was the principal brand to be propelled by the Mars Company in 1923.

It was entirely called the “Mars bar” wherever out of the US. Initially, Frank Mars and his child Forrest had the aim of promoting a chocolate malted savor the type of a sweet treat and that bar now offers in three assortments: Midnight, Lite and Original.


This piece of candy comprises of a crunchy mix of spread and nutty spread secured with chocolate. This bar was so madly mainstream that for some time, Bart Simpson was the bar’s “representative.” This flaky sweet has discounted inside the US since the 1920s – a making of Otto Schnering through his Curtiss Candy Corporation.

Fun Fact: They were once advertised by being dropped out of planes over urban areas in 40 expresses all around the US.